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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Family Letter April 19, 2009

My wonderful husband is in the process of fixing up his bike, so I thought I would at least start the family letter. This week has been a good one. Not one filled with new babies or anything like that, but is was still good. Monday was a work day for us, so we didn't do anything to exciting. Tuesday our main “excitement” was Jared's doctor appointment. No worries, he's fine. His cholesterol is totally high though. The doctor is having him start taking a teaspoon of fish oil everyday and wants him to start exercising more (hence, the fixing the bike). Jared's cholesterol has been high ever since I've gotten him to go to the doctor after we were first married. Hopefully we can get it under control. He's trying harder to watch his diet (even though it wasn't bad to begin with) and loss some weight. Wednesday was fun. It was a work day for both of us, but I got to work with newborns. Love working with them. They're just so sweet and ... love feeling of their newborn spirits and their closeness to our Heavenly Father. Anyway~ besides that fun, that night we went and saw Jared's old bishop. Bishop Jacob's was one of Jared's single's ward bishops that Jared absolutely loves. He is an amazing man. He has an incredible family. Bishop and Sis. Jacob's just got back from a mission to Ukraine. They sent two of their daughters off at the same time they left too. One went to Argentina and the other went to Taiwan. They're all back, doing well. So we thought we'd go say “hi”. It was fun catching up with them. It was an extremely long, but good day. Thursday was boring with work, studying, and ... that's about it. Friday we had date and night and decided to go see “Monsters versus Aliens”. Yeah, we were a bit disappointed in it. All the commercials on T.V. Show the good parts of the movie. It just started out slow, didn't have that many good lines, and just wasn't THAT entertaining. Not bad, but not good either. We'd recommend getting it like on red box, renting it, or dollar theater. It's not worth the full price. We're glad Jared's work paid for it. Yesterday, Saturday, we got a bunch of little chores done. In the afternoon Jared and Jason went to look at motorcycles. Shocker, I know. :0) They had a great time looking at them, sitting on them, and probably drooling all over them. They said they had a good time though. Michelle and I stayed here, working on things we needed to, saying how we need to get our husbands to do stuff (like thank you cards for Jason and Michelle's recent wedding). When they walked in the door, Jared had a compromise for me. He said that if he losses 30 lbs. And gets his cholestrol in the normal range in one year (so by next April), he should get a motorcycle. I'm still debating, but it may be worth it so that my husband won't die of a heart attack on me. Any inputs? That's about it for us though. Boring, I know. However, so you all know. We are about to start putting our collage and stuff like together for adoption. We will be starting an adoption blog. We'll let you know more details once we've decided them. I'm just excited to finally start working on that type of stuff instead of answering weird questions like (have you been divorce, if so explain your feelings behind it”, “describe your community. Where are the libraries, parks, school”, and our favorite “what do you know about adoption”. Yeah, can you understand why we're glad to be done with that part? Hope you all had a great week. Love you all!

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