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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Family Letter September 23, 2008

I want to apologize for getting this out late. Devin and I were in Las Vegas this weekend and we did not bring our computer. We also did not get in until late Monday night. I want all of you to know that I enjoyed this last week a lot more than Devin did. I spent three days last week helping a friend with some programming projects for school. For some reason Devin was not interested in talking about programming. She did other things like watch movies, talking to my friend's wife, and helping give a bath to their baby. All while me and my friend wrote a dictionary for his school assignment. I mean who would think that any thing would be more exciting than programming a dictionary? I will admit my tastes in entertainment are quite different than Devin's but I think most people would rather program a dictionary.

Friday we headed off to Las Vegas for the weekend. Many people have different ideas about what you listen to on a road trip. I know growing up my family listened to books on tape, old radio shows, and other stuff like that. Devin listens to music. Lucky for me she limits amount of country music. My favorite thing to listen to is pod casts of a radio show on NPR called “Science Friday”. I mean who would not enjoy listening to the benefits of the chemical that makes chilies hot (by the way, chilies have stupendous antimicrobial properties)? Which one of you would not be enthralled by a discussion about the safety of child vaccinations? The list can go on and on and by the look Devin gives me when I listen to “Science Friday”, I am going to guess most of you think the list I gave is more boring than watching paint dry, or just watching paint that is already dry. I asked Devin what she thought the most boring thing was to fill in the last sentence and she said “Listening to Science Friday”. As you can see Devin and I find very different things entertaining. There is one thing we both agree is fun, Jared holding Devin. By far it is our favorite thing to do.

Saturday Devin and I took our nephew Taylor swimming at Grandpa Zobrist's house. By the time Devin got out to the pool Taylor and I were swimming and having a good old time. Devin took her normal approach to getting in the pool, one small step at at time. By the time she got wet up to her ankles she decided that the pool was too cold and refused to get wet above her knees. This was alright because this made Devin a very good base to run to when ever Taylor tried to push me under the water. I really like swimming even if the water is freezing cold. After swimming Devin and I had an errand to run for foster care. We had to add a line to our cell phone plan because we have to have a cell phone at our home all the time. Devin wanted a new phone so I was letting her pick the new phone. Devin took her time and looked at the features on many of the phones in the store. At the same time Taylor and I acted like a couple of hooligans, while trying to step one each others feet. After about 10 minutes of this I noticed something out of the corner of my eye. It was a phone. The instant I saw it I knew Devin was going to leave the store with one. It was not because of the features on the phone. It was not because it would meet her needs better than another phone. I knew Devin wanted that phone because it is purple. After I picked up the phone and showed it to Devin she never went very far from it. As a matter of fact Devin just kept looking at the phone. At this point I was happy to have Devin finally decide on a phone because my toes where starting to feel like pancakes. After quickly looking at a few more phones Devin decided to pick the purple phone. Devin now feels like her phone represents her mood which according to Devin is purple.

We had lots of fun with Devin's side of the family. We spent Sunday just taking the time to be with them and sat around talking and socializing. It was really quite enjoyable. Also on our way back home we stopped for dinner in Cedar City and had dinner with Devin's sister, Melissa. We are very happy to have had the opportunity to spend the time we have with family and gladly invite all of you to come up and play at our house. We wish you a happy week and hope all is well with you.

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