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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Family Letter September 29. 2008

Tuesday we had pack meeting with the cub scouts. There is a section where the leaders wanted to talk to the parents and they realized that the kids would not handle this part of the meeting well. As a solution to having bored kids they decided that I should take the kids to the side and play with them. While the adults where doing boring stuff I played freeze tag with the kids and after I could not run after them any more we changed to steal the bacon. I had lots of fun playing with the kids and hope to be able to play with the kids more at the pack meetings. Besides I really do not want to listen to instructions to other adults about stuff that I do not need to here.

Some of you might know some odd things about Me. First of all even though I reads more than than the average bear I mainly do it in order to to expand my social skills. Being an engineer I have a lack of social skills and I read books to look at the behavior of the characters and use that as reference to fix my own very flawed character. Currently I am reading Oliver Twist which I have not read in about a month because I think Charles Dickens is a boring author, but since he writes good characters his work makes for excellent introspection when I read. Because of my lack of interest in reading many times when Devin and I do couple scripture study she tends to read while I rub her feet. One night this last week Devin had worked and her feet where needing a little attention. It ended up that for several reasons we where only going to read Mosiah 28 that night. For those of you who do not know Mosiah 28 is only 20 verses long. When Devin realized this she got a look on her face that that said “NOOOOOOOOOOO MY FEET WANT TO BE PAMPERED MUCH LONGER THAN 20 VERSES OF ALL THE NIGHTS WHY ARE WE ONLY GOING TO READ 20 VERSES” As you can guess this is a very pained look. Amazingly this look conveyed all of of this without Devin saying a single word. In order to take the pain off of my wife's face I offered to rub her feet for a while longer after she had finished reading. Devin was quite relieved and she seemed to feel better after her feet where relaxed.

Friday morning I woke up early and got to work around 6:00 All was good for the first hour then and all to familiar feeling started to overtake me. I had not felt this sensation since around last Christmas and this time it ended about the same way as it ended at Christmas. If you do not remember around last Christmas I had trouble with kidney stones, and I believe I am having trouble again. I ended up going home around 8:00. After I got home I started throwing up because of the pain. Devin tried to call my doctor to get something for me but she was unable to get in contact with him so we went to the ER where they doped me up on some drugs and I felt much better after not being so drugged up that I was almost unable to stand. After several hours in the hospital Devin took me home where she took good care of me. Sunday I was still in bad shape I did not go to church but my brother Jason came over and hung out with me for the day while Devin was at work. Thanks Jason for your help it really set Devin's mind at ease to know you where there. I am doing better and I am going to go to the Doctor on Thursday to get this taken care of.

Our neighbors moved out a few weeks ago and our new neighbors moved in this last week. We have not seen them. We have seen their cars and have seen lights on in their house but we have not met them yet. Earlier today Devin asked if I would make mud pie because she was craving it for about a week. I agreed and as we where sitting down to have mud pie I remembered our new neighbors. We decided to invite them over for mud pie and to visit for a little while. We went over and knocked on the door and it ends up my friend EJ is our new next door neighbor. EJ and I where in the same singles ward several years back. We even have a funny story with him. When I proposed to Devin, and she accepted we where hugging and Devin looked radiant and I turned around and there was EJ, and Molly they had just gotten married and he was the first people to congratulate us on getting engaged. We are excited to have friends as neighbors. I would like to apologize for the inconsistency of this letter I wrote it while on Payne reducers, Payne killers are not allowed at our house. Have a great week

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